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Make it your Business!

Posted by Teresa Murray on 12 June 2019
NCI Accounting Lecturer, Desmond Gibney pictured with finance expert, Susan Hayes Culleton along with BA (Honours) in Business students, Keith Pigott and Thomas Mahon.
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30% Club Scholarship: Danielle's Story

Posted by Teresa Murray on 26 April 2019
The 30% Club aims for better gender balance at all levels of organisations, and empowers women to take on leadership roles in many ways, including partnering with third-level institutes to promote women engaging at master’s level.
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Are you a Data Scientist in the making?

Posted by Teresa Murray on 15 March 2019
Data Scientist was named the best job for three years in a row by Glassdoor in the USA. Here in Ireland, the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs predict a demand for 21,000 additional professionals with high-level data science skills – so why not consider a degree in Data Science to future-proof your employability?
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Celebrating NCI President Gina Quin this International Women's Day

Posted by Teresa Murray on 08 March 2019
Of 24 Higher Education Institutes in Ireland, including universities, colleges and institutes of technology, only 5 have female leaders: Dr Patricia Mulcahy at IoT Carlow; Dr Annie Doonan at IADT; Dr Anne Taheny at St. Angela’s College; Dr Sarah Glennie at NCAD; and our own president of National College of Ireland, Gina Quin.
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Part-time student, full-time parent: coping with that end-of-summer panic

Posted by Teresa Murray on 23 August 2018
As August reaches an end, the frantic madness of getting children back to school sets in, which must be dealt with at the same time as summer camps close their doors, and children are at home all day.
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Part-time student – full-time parent: Summer survival guide

Posted by Teresa Murray on 19 July 2018
With many of our part-time students balancing work, children and study, even as everyone else seems to be enjoying the summer sunshine, it can seem like the logistical upheaval of school holidays is one challenge too many.
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Lifelong learning, real world experience

Posted by Teresa Murray on 17 July 2018
NCI’s award-winning “In Conversation With” series returned this year, with entrepreneurs and business leaders from media, food and aviation leasing.
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Inventathon 2018: be part of a dream team

Posted by Teresa Murray on 13 April 2018
Entries to Inventathon have flooded in. The first challenge was to select the ten most promising ideas to bring forward to the mentorship and judging day on Wednesday April 18th. This was a very difficult job, as the standard of entry was so high. We ask all those who submitted ideas and didn't make the cut to come along and assist their classmates.
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Google finance team at NCI

Posted by Teresa Murray on 21 March 2018
In Semester 1, the final year accounting and finance class visited the Google offices. The honours degree students were there to meet with Google’s finance team, including the Director of Finance, Niall O’Sullivan. The class got to learn about the variety of products Google offers its consumers, and discuss Google’s recently published financial statements. The whole trip was a success, from the insight into real life products and accounts that demonstrated the application of everything the students have been learning, to the tour of the offices themselves, allowing the class to experience a real working environment.
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Take a sledgehammer to the glass ceiling with an MBA

Posted by Teresa Murray on 08 March 2018
An MBA is internationally recognised as a passport to career success. Fewer women than men pursue an MBA, so we asked some of our alumnae to share their experiences, to encourage more women to trust their abilities and invest in their future.
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