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Inventathon 2018: be part of a dream team

Posted by Teresa Murray on 13 April 2018

Entries to Inventathon have flooded in. The first challenge was to select the ten most promising ideas to bring forward to the mentorship and judging day on Wednesday April 18th. This was a very difficult job, as the standard of entry was so high. We ask all those who submitted ideas and didn't make the cut to come along and assist their classmates.

Inventathon is not just about having a good idea, it’s a chance to bring a good idea to life in the real world.

You may have a concept, but not the technical skill to make it work. You may have a grasp of the technology, but not understand the business of bringing a product to market. You may be a brilliant developer, who loves to problem solve, but not currently have a project of your own to work on. You may see a gap in the market begging for exploitation, but not know quite how to bridge it by yourself.

On April 18th, we need YOU to join a team and help realise a dream. Listen to the pitches and make your case to the proposer for what you can bring to the table to help make an idea real.

Perhaps you love a particular idea, but think your skills are not required to bring it to life – your input is still important, as you will have a vote for ‘best pitch’ and your support could win that project €200.

Remember - it is often at events like these that you meet a co-founder, an investor or a teammate.

To participate in InventaTHON, complete the mandatory fields in the entry form, select ‘no’ in the drop down menu at the question ‘Do you have an idea to pitch?’ and submit the form.

See you at 1pm in the Cloud Competency Centre on April 18th!


Inventathon 2018 Poster


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