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Love at first sight – Alisha’s Experience of Ireland and NCI

Posted by Emily Ferns on 05 December 2013


Why travel to Ireland from India to study? Alisha, an international student at NCI, shares her story.

“Ireland? Why Ireland? Did you try other colleges? Try the States or Canada or for that matter, the UK? You know, where everybody goes to study from India.” People were curious to know the answer when I announced I was going to Dublin to pursue a one year course in Human Resource Management.

But my answer was simple - me and Ireland, we have a past life connection. 

My love for Ireland goes back to the first time I read 'P.S. I love you' by Cecilia Ahern. Ireland made it straight to the top of my bucket list. Little did I know that down the line, a random internet search on education in Ireland would eventually make my dream come true. Not only did I come to Ireland for one year’s study but I scored a place at one of the best institutes around - National College of Ireland.

My journey to Ireland was quite an interesting one. Between the last minute delivery of my visa, chaotic packing and the anticipation of leaving my country, somehow, I knew I was going to love this place.

My host family in Ireland was there for me the moment I got out of the airport. Just a hello later, I was sure I’d come to the right place. Long chats about music, books, food, religion, the Irish and Indian ways of life…they made me feel instantly at home.

The story at NCI was no different. On the very next day after my arrival, I was asked to be at the college’s International office to collect my time table and get information about the course. I was a bit nervous about how they would treat me and what was expected out of me but I will gladly admit I was wrong.

The orientation and a dedicated induction programme for the International students made us all familiar with the college and the surroundings. The lectures and the professors too are student oriented and asking questions is appreciated, rather than taken as a sign of weakness. This is my third month in the college and Dublin and so far I have nothing but praise for the place. I am looking forward to many more experiences Ireland has to offer.

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