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What’s Another Year? Why Sooner is Better Than Later When it Comes To Your Education & Career

Posted by Robert Ward on 12 September 2014


NCI's Director of Marketing, Rob Ward, makes the case for not procrastinating when it comes to that qualification you've been thinking of.

“I've been waiting such a long time,

looking out for you

But you're not here

What's another year?”

We hate to contradict a legend like Johnny Logan – but when it comes to part-time courses, another year can be a very long time.  In most colleges, part-time courses start around now and most people will already be signed up and settling themselves in.

However, there’s still time for you to sign up for a part-time course or evening course if you are really quick about it. Don’t put it off for another year when you could take the plunge and be halfway through that first semester before you have even realised it. You’ll be amazed by how quickly the academic year seems to pass. 

What’s another year?  

Well, waiting a year could mean you miss out on a promotional opportunity that might come your way if you were enrolled on a course.

Your dream job might be advertised next month or 6 months from now, but it might require a particular skill or qualification that you’ve procrastinated about achieving.  Cheerio, new job.

Your employer might be willing or able to pay those fees, or support you in some way now, that might not be possible if you wait.

Depending on your age, your family situation might be more suitable for getting that Masters started now. Personally I finished my MBA on the Friday and our first child was born on the Monday.  So if I had waited another year it would have been more difficult.

You’ll probably be sitting watching a box set at some night in the near future and be kicking yourself that you didn’t take some active steps to improve yourself and your career.  Well ok maybe not kicking yourself but you may get that annoying twinge of guilt.  As Johnny Logan would say you might even be…“crying such a long time / with such a lot of pain in every tear. What’s another year…”

Sing it with me now.

I've been waking such a long time,

reaching out for you

But you're not near

What's another year?

National College of Ireland has a number of courses which are enrolling now to start in mid-September - come to our final open evening on September 8th 2016 and speak to lecturers and staff about your options! 

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