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Learn with Dr Eugene O’Loughlin - Lecturer at NCI

Posted by Emily Ferns on 03 December 2013


NCI lecturer Dr Eugene O’Loughlin, who lectures in the School of Computing at the college’s city centre Dublin campus, runs a very popular YouTube channel.

Eugene established the channel, called Learn with Dr Eugene O’Loughlin, in 2009, initially as a learning and revision aid for his own students at NCI.

He provides two main types of educational videos: Problem-solving techniques, such as GoogleStorming, PEST Analysis, Flow Charts, and Cost-Benefit Analysis, and “How To” videos which teach students tasks like embedding video in PowerPoint presentations, creating Pareto and Gantt charts in Excel, and creating YouTube-ready videos in PowerPoint. He also blogs at

When asked about the success of his channel, Eugene told us:

"Students love short videos that they can learn from – they can pause and rewind at any time to go back over the material covered. To date the most popular video is How To…Create a Basic Gantt Chart in Excel 2010, which is currently viewed over 2,000 times per week.”

Watch this little video to learn more!

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