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Ready to Learn: Where Could A Cup of Tea Take You?

Posted by Emma Henderson on 23 March 2016



Susan had been thinking about college for years but had never taken the first step. Her family and friends had encouraged her, but deep down she was nervous and didn’t know where to start. Her journey started over a cup of tea with Leo Casey, Director of Learning at Teaching at National College of Ireland. Read Susan’s story on Leo’s blog, and see where that first cup of tea could lead to.

If you’re thinking of returning to education, join us for a cuppa at one of four dedicated sessions NCI is holding during the month of April.

National College of Ireland welcomes adults from all walks of life, who are curious about how to turn their life experiences and learning into a recognised qualification. We have developed a series of courses in education that help adults to realise how they can develop themselves and those around them.

For more information on each course and event, click through from the below list:

Curious about returning to education? Read Martin's experience of studying at NCI in his 60s, or find out why your previous life experience counts! We also have some useful advice for adults who are thinking about college this September, or check out this piece about learning with friends

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