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Want To Know The Secret To A Happy, Married Life? It Might Surprise You!

Posted by Emma Henderson on 29 July 2014


An education at National College of Ireland provides many benefits, but not even we realised that marital bliss would be one of them.

Science, however, has proved that that's the case, as outlined recently in these two news articles - which, for the good of the nation, we’re compelled to bring to your attention. 

Firstly, this Breaking News piece alerts us to the Central Statistics Office report, stating that Irish women are more likely to be college-educated than Irish men

Now keep that fact in mind as you read this second article on, which highlights new research: “marriages today have the best prospects of survival when both partners have the same level of education”. 

There’s really only one conclusion: gentlemen, it’s time to hit those books! 

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