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An Emotional Journey: The Coach’s Programme at National College of Ireland

Posted by Emily Ferns on 14 February 2013

Robert Ward Director of Student Recruitment at NCI

Today’s guest post is by Robert Ward, Director of Student Recruitment at NCI, who has just completed the Coach’s Programme.

Well I have just completed the last 2 days of the Coach’s Programme that NCI are running with The School of Coaching.  I am not a fully accredited Coach yet as I still have to complete practice coaching with my coaching clients but this marked the end of our formal workshops.

Our group got very close and everyone was sad it was over.  In the language of reality television, “It’s been an emotional journey”.

On the course you do a lot of practice coaching where you are testing your coaching on your classmates. People build up great trust and really share things so the group formed a close bond.

Over six months the progress has been amazing.  At the start we were all learning the tools of coaching and concentrating on being non directive.  Trying to get to grips with this meant some initial coaching felt a bit clunky.  As time went on the techniques became more natural.  People started to bring more of themselves to the coaching sessions.  Towards the end you could really see the confidence of our band of coaches.

A big part of the programme is the work you do with your clients; volunteers who you get to work with over several months.  They come for real coaching and you help them and get feedback from them.  It is really worthwhile and the best way to learn.

Doing the practice coaching gave you loads of insights for the next group workshop.  I really looked forward to these and can’t speak highly enough of Alan, Myles and Sheridan as facilitators.

This course is one of the best things I have done.  For anyone that has to manage a team, run an organisation or anyone involved in consultancy this is a fantastic addition.  I feel fortunate to be part of a great course and to share it with great classmates.  Happy coaching!

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