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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!

Posted by Teresa Murray on 05 November 2020
Katie Grassick is in her final year of an honour's degree in Human Resource Management at NCI. Recently, she qualified as a finalist in the Miss Dublin competition, which could lead to Miss Ireland, which could lead to Miss World! “To tell the truth,” says Katie, “I’m enjoying each step in the competition as I take it, and already feel like I’ve gained so much from it that, while I’d love to progress, it’s as much about the whole experience as it is about winning.”
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10 Ways Returning to Education Can Advance Your Career

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 31 July 2020
Making the decision to return to education is an important one that will have a significant impact on your life. It’s a considerable commitment, particularly if you choose to study part-time in the evening while working during the day, but the sacrifices you make while studying will be rewarded in the long-term when you reach your career goals.
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Career Advice for Jobseekers in a COVID-19 World

Posted by Caroline Kennedy on 26 May 2020
By Caroline Kennedy, Career Development and Employability Manager at National College of Ireland. At this unique time in history, final year college students face the immediate and very real concern of looking after themselves and their families during global pandemic, while knowing that they will likely graduate into a recession. This can only be disheartening.
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Job-hunting this January? Read this first!

Posted by Emma Henderson on 04 January 2017
January is the most popular month for job-hunting, with career progression featuring on many a list of new year resolutions. And according to Monster, today, the first Wednesday of January, is traditionally the biggest job-search day of the entire year. With so much competition, it makes sense to put a special strategy in place - and National College of Ireland is here to help you do just that.
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5 Things To Do Before You Finish Work for Christmas

Posted by Emma Henderson on 19 December 2016
The Christmas countdown has started and we’re all relishing the thought of disabling our alarms and chasing all thoughts of deadlines and meetings away until the new year. The festive break is a time to unwind and spend time with family and friends, so we can return to work, recharged and refocused, in January.
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Leadership in the Not-for-Profit Sector: A Guest Post from Quality Matters

Posted by Emma Henderson on 29 November 2016
Is being a senior manager or leader in the non-profit sector a good job? If you ask 10 not-for-profit leaders whether theirs is a great job, what are they likely to say?
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Life Lessons From The Dublin Marathon

Posted by Robert Ward on 27 October 2016
Forget pumpkins, scary ghouls and breaking dentures on a ring in a fruit cake. If you’re a runner, the last weekend in October can only mean Dublin City Marathon time. Hurrah for screaming calf pain, chaffing nether regions and blistered feet.
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5 Expert Job Interview Tips & Techniques

Posted by Emma Henderson on 26 October 2016
Placing NCI students in the right jobs is something our Careers & Opportunities team are very good at - so you could say they know a thing or two about the jobseeking process, and have a couple of expert tips and tricks up their sleeves. Here, we've called on their expertise to share these 5 top tips to help you prep like a pro, for your next interview. 
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Peak Productivity: 7 Smart Ways To Be More Productive At Work

Posted by Emma Henderson on 19 September 2016
Let’s face it, there are only really three ways that you can get more done at work: work longer, work harder or work smarter. Our preference is for the latter, which requires being thoughtful about how you manage your energy, as well as how you manage your time. To help you save some of both, we’ve done the hard work for you: here’s our guide to the smartest ways to reach peak productivity and efficiency at work. 
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6 Sure Signs That It's Time To Leave Your Job

Posted by Emma Henderson on 05 September 2016
Everyone can feel a little unmotivated from time to time – we’ve all experienced that reluctance to get up when the alarm goes off, or the feeling that we just don’t want to go to work today. But if that feeling starts to become the norm, not the exception, then it’s time to take stock of your life. If you recognise most of these tell-tale signs, then it could be time for you to think seriously about moving on. 
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