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What Do MBA Graduates Say About NCI’s Degree?

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 13 March 2023
An MBA is an internationally recognised qualification that will enable you to position yourself to take advantage of career opportunities at the highest level of business. The MBA at NCI emphasises the development of business and management skills to solve problems through structured analysis, effective decision-making and strong communication and leadership skills.
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5 Big Reasons Why You Should Get an MBA Degree

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 28 October 2022
An MBA or Master of Business Administration is synonymous with senior management leadership positions. At NCI, we think of an MBA as a ‘passport’ that can open up new career opportunities both in Ireland and internationally.
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10 Signs You're Ready for an MBA

Posted by Emma Henderson on 25 March 2019
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Lifelong learning, real world experience

Posted by Teresa Murray on 17 July 2018
NCI’s award-winning “In Conversation With” series returned this year, with entrepreneurs and business leaders from media, food and aviation leasing.
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Take a Sledgehammer to The Glass Ceiling With an MBA

Posted by Teresa Murray on 08 March 2018
An MBA degree is internationally recognised as a passport to career success. Fewer women than men pursue an MBA, so we asked some of our alumnae to share their experiences, to encourage more women to trust their abilities and invest in their future.
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Studying part-time as a working mother: Grainne’s story (and her top 10 tips!)

Posted by Emma Henderson on 08 December 2016
“I had been thinking about going back to college to do an MBA for quite some time. I put it off at first because I was concerned about managing my studies with my work schedule, and with my family life. After I had my first baby, these concerns were even stronger. I was also worried about fitting in with my classmates and concerned I didn’t have as much work experience as they had.
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Do you want a taste of the MBA at NCI?

Posted by Emma Henderson on 04 August 2016
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The MBA at National College of Ireland: FAQ

Posted by Emma Henderson on 07 July 2016
“The MBA is the most robust, enduring and internationally recognised of all management qualifications.” - Professor Jimmy Hill, Vice President at National College of Ireland With more than 60 years’ experience in delivering real world management education, and a team of lecturers who have extensive experience both as educators and practitioners in international business, the MBA at NCI can offer significant benefits to your career and to your life.
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MBAs in Dublin: Why Choose National College of Ireland?

Posted by Emma Henderson on 10 July 2014
An excellent question, and one we put to students, employers and lecturers on our course. Here are some of the things they told us.
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So is the MBA at NCI for me?

Posted by Robert Ward on 24 June 2014
Looking for a Dublin MBA? Rob Ward, NCI Director of Student Recruitment, shares his experiences. If you have questions about studying the MBA with us, come to our Taste of an MBA event from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 15th August to attend a mini lecture and meet current students and graduates: Each year at National College of Ireland we meet people at our open information evenings that are thinking about doing the MBA. They have heard it’s a well-regarded qualification, they want to take the next step in their career and they are often looking to get the broader more holistic or “CEO” perspective on the business. But at the same time they often have doubts. Will everyone in the class already be a leader, a captain of industry? Will I be out of my depth? What will the people in the programme be like and will I learn from them?
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