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Human Resource Management & Work Placement: Michael's Student Story

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 11 July 2024
A strategy many students consider when deciding what to do in college is to join a Level 6 course in an area they are interested in before committing to the Level 8 degree. These courses tend to be shorter, have lower entry requirements and graduates can gain entry to year two of an Honours Bachelor Degree.
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9 Reasons to Gain a CIPD Qualification from National College of Ireland

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 10 July 2024
Whether you are already working in human resource management or learning and development and want to validate the expertise you have gained, or you are starting out and want to get your first role in HR or L&D, a CIPD accredited qualification from National College of Ireland will be valuable to you in your career.
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5 Reasons You Should Consider an Accelerated Business Degree

Posted by Conor Sisk on 17 June 2024
At National College of Ireland, we understand that the demands of a busy lifestyle can impact your decision to return to education. Therefore, we have designed accelerated business courses which are delivered in a flexible, intensive way to ensure that you can work towards your undergraduate degree while keeping up with multiple commitments such as work and family life.
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Studying the CIPD Diploma in HRM: Linda's Student Story

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 25 January 2024
With vast experience in the service industry, Linda Conway had gained a good understanding business operations. However, she had a desire to gain a formal qualification as she knew this was an essential step that would help her navigate the path ahead.
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From CIPD to Master's Degree: Brendan's Human Resources Study Journey

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 18 January 2024
Having always loved working with people during his career in retail management, Brendan Breslin had an abundance of experience but came to a professional crossroads. After some advice from a career coach, he started his journey to gaining valuable qualifications in the HR field and he hasn't stopped since.
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Student Story: Stephen's Insights Into Studying Learning & Development

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 06 November 2023
Having worked in hospitality for a number of years and having recently moved into a new role training and support role for an international hotel group, Stephen McCusker decided to return to education to gain a relevant qualification accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, CIPD. Stephen shares insights into studying the (CIPD) Diploma in Professional Learning and Organisational Development at National College of Ireland, including how he has applied what he has learned in his current role and his advice for anyone considering this programme, in the Q&A interview below.
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Why Study Human Resource Management? Here Are 8 Big Benefits To Consider

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 15 June 2022
Human resource management professionals are at the heart of successful organisations. HR teams around the world were the unsung heroes of the corporate world during the pandemic as they supported their colleagues during the big shift to remote working. They constantly keep up with the latest trends such a flexible working models, employment legislation, employee wellness, people analytics, upskilling and more.
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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!

Posted by Teresa Murray on 05 November 2020
Katie Grassick is in her final year of an honour's degree in Human Resource Management at NCI. Recently, she qualified as a finalist in the Miss Dublin competition, which could lead to Miss Ireland, which could lead to Miss World! “To tell the truth,” says Katie, “I’m enjoying each step in the competition as I take it, and already feel like I’ve gained so much from it that, while I’d love to progress, it’s as much about the whole experience as it is about winning.”
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Spotlight on HRM: Priyanka's Experience Studying a Master's Degree at NCI

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 05 July 2019
Priyanka Athavale, MA in Human Resource Management student at National College of Ireland. Considering Human Resource Management as your chosen field of study?
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Learning with Friends: A Case Study

Posted by Emma Henderson on 26 February 2016
There are lots of benefits to studying with friends - as this Stellar Magazine interview with three NCI students shows: Niamh O’Neill, 31, did a course with friends Niamh and Jess. “I did a professional certificate in human resource management in National College of Ireland (NCI), with two of my friends,” says Niamh O’Neill.
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