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5 Reasons You Should Consider an Accelerated Business Degree

Posted by Conor Sisk on 17 June 2024

5 Reasons You Should Consider an Accelerated Business Degree

At National College of Ireland, we understand that the demands of a busy lifestyle can impact your decision to return to education. Therefore, we have designed accelerated business courses which are delivered in a flexible, intensive way to ensure that you can work towards your undergraduate degree while keeping up with multiple commitments such as work and family life.

The accelerated business degrees offered at NCI are:

We have outlined 5 reasons why you should consider registering for one of these accelerated programmes:

1. Efficiency

The major benefit of an accelerated business degree is the shorter time frame in which you complete the programme. Whilst traditionally these courses would take 4 years to complete, students who take the accelerated degree route will graduate in just 2 years.

These courses do not follow the traditional academic semesters that are more suited to full-time students but are instead delivered over three stages with each stage consisting of a block of 11 to 13 weeks with a short break built in after completion of each block and over the summer period.

This shorter time frame offers several benefits to students, including:

  • Faster time to enter the workforce with improved skillset
  • Opportunity to change careers in a matter of months
  • Swift return to previous work/life balance

2. Flexibility

While a full-time undergraduate programme would typically involve attending lectures up to 5 days a week, the accelerated programmes are delivered 2 evenings a week with the occasional Saturday workshop included too. The evening lecturers are delivered online, whilst the Saturday classes will be held on campus.

This timetable allows students to continue working a full-time job whilst remaining committed to their studies.

Read Grainne McCann’s story about how she returned to education and graduated in just 2 years, whilst still working a full time job and putting her family first.

3. Intensive Learning Experience

It is worth noting that condensing a 4-year programme into just 2 does result in the semesters being quite focused and intensive. Deadlines for assignments are quite frequent throughout the course and can sometimes fall during the break periods between different stages.

However, this fast-paced nature of these programmes benefits students by allowing them to develop strong time-management and organisational skills, which are valuable in the business world.

The programmes adopt a “block teaching” model, which means you take one subject at a time over the 2 years. You will typically spend 3-4 weeks on each subject after which you take an assessment.

As well as providing in-depth knowledge of the latest business and HRM issues, NCI lecturers are on hand to provide any assistance or guidance you may need throughout the programme. Our small group teaching model means students prosper in a friendly and supportive atmosphere where they get to know lecturers, staff and their fellow students. We also have great student support in place if you are having any difficulty adjusting to third level.

4. Career Opportunities

Completing an accelerated degree can provide several exciting career opportunities for graduates.

  • Upskilling: The short-term frame will allow students to quickly upskill in their area of expertise, allowing them to enter the workforce at a faster pace than regular graduates.
  • Career Path Change: Similarly, if you have undertaken an accelerated degree to switch careers, completing a programme in 2 years rather than 4, facilities this change far quicker than the traditional route.
  • Stand Out from the Competition: Completing an accelerated programme shows potential employers a high level of commitment, dedication, and the ability to handle challenging workloads. This determination will appeal to potential employers as it highlights your ability to adapt to fast-paced environments.

5. Networking Adaptability

Accelerated programmes represent a great opportunity for students to meet like-minded, motivated and driven individuals. These degrees provide a rich network of peers and alumni that can be beneficial for future career opportunities.

All NCI graduates are invited to join the NCI Alumni Association upon completion of their studies, a group that represents plenty of opportunities to meet, socialise and network with NCI graduates of all ages.

To learn more, check out the NCI Alumni Association.

If you are interested in learning more about our accelerated business degrees, then join our Accelerated Business Degrees Webinar on Wednesday 28th August from 6pm-7pm to hear from our lecturers and students and to ask any questions you have during our live Q&A.

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