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An End of Term Message From NCISU President Dajana Sinik

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 08 June 2021
Dear Students, For one final time I would like to congratulate you on completing a uniquely challenging year. Throughout the last twelve months, you’ve shown great determination, resilience, and patience while we navigated unknown and ever-changing territory – a test for all humanity. As we come to the end of your term and at the end of mine, I want to thank you for electing me for two consecutive years to represent you as President of NCISU.
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Academic Integrity: Originality is Key to the Integrity of Your Degree

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 23 October 2020
This is a guest blog post written by NCISU President, Dajana Sinik, to mark National Academic Integrity Week 19th to 23rd October 2020. Dajana shares her thoughts on this important topic along with a number of useful resources for any NCI student who needs academic support and assistance.
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Welcome Letter from Your NCISU President, Dajana Sinik

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 30 September 2020
Dear students, It is my pleasure to welcome back old friends and also warmly greet our newest members of the NCI community. During the last two weeks, we enjoyed meeting incoming students at different Orientation sessions and look forward to seeing your familiar faces again.
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A Message to Students from NCISU President, Dajana Sinik

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 22 May 2020
Dear Students, It has been my pleasure to represent you as your Students’ Union President, even through these extraordinary times. In the last 7 months, as a Union, we have applied an ‘open door’ policy, we maintained visibility, and we ensured that you were represented at every level in NCI and nationally.
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Studying at NCI this year? Meet your Students' Union!

Posted by Gerard McQuillan on 31 August 2016
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Joining NCI this September? These Faces Will Soon Be Quite Familiar.

Posted by Emma Henderson on 19 August 2014
If you’re coming to NCI this September, these faces will become very familiar to you. The officers of the NCI Students’ Union are here to represent the interests of our students – and provide access to a host of social, recreational and other services throughout your college years. Of course, they may already be familiar to you – if you read yesterday’s Irish Independent, you will have seen the interview with Clubs and Societies Officer, Patrick Erhard.
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NCI is Happy - and here’s the video to prove it!

Posted by Emma Henderson on 14 April 2014
One of the things that crops up again and again when you talk to an NCI student or graduate is the great buzz around the place. Our modern, city-centre campus has a lovely atmosphere and the size of the college is definitely conducive to the friendly and welcoming vibe. This lovely video, NCI is Happy, sums it up perfectly. Created by a student team led by Katie Donohoe for this year’s Clubs and Socs Awards and Formal Ball, it features full and part-time students from our business and computing courses here in Dublin, along with a few cameo appearances from lecturers and staff.
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Greg O’Donoghue, VP of NCI’s SU, is announced VP for Welfare at the Union of Students of Ireland.

Posted by Emma Henderson on 02 April 2014
There are celebrations on campus today at the news that Greg O'Donoghue, outgoing Vice President of National College of Ireland's Students’ Union, has been voted in as Vice President for Welfare at the Union of Students of Ireland. In his work at NCI, Greg (pictured far right in the image above) was committed to championing welfare projects and supported students both collectively and through individual casework.
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Top 10 tips for students, for settling into college life

Posted by Emily Ferns on 19 August 2013
Greg O’Donoghue, Vice President of National College of Ireland’s Students’ Union shares his tips for students starting college.
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