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A Message to Students from NCISU President, Dajana Sinik

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 22 May 2020

NCISU President Dajana Sinik

Dear Students,

It has been my pleasure to represent you as your Students’ Union President, even through these extraordinary times. In the last 7 months, as a Union, we have applied an ‘open door’ policy, we maintained visibility, and we ensured that you were represented at every level in NCI and nationally.

Congratulations to everyone who has completed their alternative assessments recently: to returning students, I look forward to seeing you back on campus after the Summer; and to final year students, I am excited to see what the future, and life after NCI, has in store for you.

I think for many of us, this pandemic has taught us to stop, listen and rethink what was normal, as we adapt to what is a new way of life for the foreseeable future. This scenario has highlighted the importance of staying innovative in unprecedented ways. It may be difficult to see at first, but it is positive that we have been able to respond to this time by changing our approach to teaching, learning and career development, in order to enhance our skills while confined within the comfort of our own homes.

This scenario has also highlighted the crucial importance of communication, whether that’s with your classmates, friends, family or those you work with. Although ‘social-distancing’ has been the topic of conversation in every household, this time has taught us to check in with loved ones more regularly, to listen more carefully, and utilise our time better.

While you may not recognise the benefits at this moment, this pandemic has also made us more resilient in our approach to challenges, faced in both an informal and formal environment. This time has taught us to absorb more information, adapt to new surroundings, and meet the ever-changing demands of the external world.

I also want to recognise the stress that you are coping with every day: I encourage you to reach out should you need to avail of the support services available to you in NCI. I want to acknowledge the hard work you put in throughout this past academic year: the past couple of months should not define your time in NCI, but is rather a distinct period of difficulty that we’ve met and will overcome together.

It is now more important than ever to maintain the close-knit community that NCI really is, and for the strength we have gained in facing crisis to help us build a better future in our learning, teaching and career development.

I wish you a successful conclusion to a challenging semester, a rewarding job search, and a safe and restful summer.

Dajana Sinik,

NCI Students’ Union President

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