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Fintech and Badminton: How Barath Makes the Most of College Life

Posted by Brenda Meira de Azevedo on 24 May 2024
Have you made plans to study abroad? If so, make sure to join some of the clubs and societies available to you as these will enhance your experience as an international student. Getting involved in college life opens opportunities to build new skills and connect with a multicultural community.
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Alumni Spotlight: Startup Success for Data Science Wizards & Their AI Platform

Posted by Brenda Meira de Azevedo on 01 March 2024
A group of MSc in Data Analytics graduates came together to form Data Science Wizards (DSW), an innovative startup which enables businesses to harness the power of AI. In November 2023, DSW was announced as the winner of the "Best Application of AI in a Startup" category at the AI Awards, demonstrating their pathway to future success in this industry. In this blog post, the team share insights into their love for data, why they chose to study data analytics at NCI and their hopes for the future of DSW.
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From Undergraduate to Masters: Sakshi’s Studying Abroad Experience

Posted by Brenda Meira de Azevedo on 22 February 2024
From undergraduate to masters edge, international student, Sakshi Shaha, shares her study abroad experience at National College of Ireland. According to the Early Careers Employer Survey 2023, masters graduates in Ireland have an average starting salary that is 10.50% higher than that of undergraduates. Pursuing a masters programme abroad not only provides a competitive advantage, but also offers a rich experience for personal development and the opportunity to understand different cultures.
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My Apprenticeship Journey in Financial Services Analytics

Posted by Brenda Meira de Azevedo on 15 January 2024
Apprenticeships are a popular choice among students who seek to advance their careers while simultaneously achieving a professional qualification. These programmes give people from all backgrounds the opportunity to enter various industries without prior knowledge or experience. Students can apply their classroom learning to their daily tasks on the job, and conversely, their work experience to classroom learning. National College of Ireland offers apprenticeships in both recruitment and financial services, to learn more, please visit Apprenticeships at NCI.
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Studying Abroad in Ireland: Claudio's Welcome Programme Experience

Posted by Brenda Meira de Azevedo on 08 January 2024
Studying abroad can be both exciting and daunting. However, the International Welcome Programme is an excellent way to settle into student life at National College of Ireland as it will help you find your feet as you begin your academic studies in a new country. The programme provides valuable information, advice, and support to help new international students transition into life in Ireland.
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Starting at NCI? Read Rohan's International Student Welcome Experience

Posted by Brenda Meira de Azevedo on 05 January 2022
Rohan Singh, International Student Ambassador, shares how the NCI International Support Welcome Programme helped him make friends and prepare for his life in Ireland and NCI. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, students can choose to start their studies entirely online from their home country and travel to Ireland later in the semester. Rohan decided to travel to Ireland at the start of the semester to begins the MSc in Cybersecurity programme at National College of Ireland, based in the heart of Dublin.
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Food Ideas for International College Students

Posted by Brenda Meira de Azevedo on 20 December 2021
Studying abroad is one of the most exciting experiences you will have in your life. You will learn about different cultures, get familiar with the weather and enjoy lots of food and new dishes. However, many international students who are visiting Ireland for the first time can worry about the availability of certain ingredients to make their traditional dishes.
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