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Benefits of Work Placement: Insights From NCI Students

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 30 November 2023


Work Placement Benefits - Feedback from NCI Students

The work placement programme is proven to help NCI graduates stand out from the crowd during the recruitment process. Our Career Development and Employability Team run classes and events such as mock interviews, career planning workshops and networking sessions to prepare students to succeed when applying for roles with companies such as Accenture, EY, BDO, Ryanair, Arthur Cox, Lidl, Allianz, Zurich, Eir, State Street and many more.

The opportunities offered with work placement are endless. Here are some fantastic ways our students have benefitted from taking part in the programme based on their own experiences.

Experience the Recruitment Process

Students who have taken part in work placement will have an advantage over other graduates as they will already have knowledge of the recruitment process. Also, these students would have had the support of NCI’s award-winning Careers Team who prepare students for the experience in the best possible way.

Trinity - Work Placement Student“NCI's Careers Team provided such amazing help in the lead up to my application in terms of CV preparation and creating a LinkedIn profile. My L’Oréal manager even told me that my profile had a positive impact on my selection for the role.”

Trinity Kane, Marketing Work Placement with L’Oréal

Develop Personal and Leadership Skills

No matter what area of a business you join, you will witness the importance of communication and teamwork as key skills. Many companies will invest in students’ professional development by encouraging participation in training modules which can start your journey towards becoming a leader in the workplace.

Denisa - Work Placement StudentI was offered many training opportunities which were beneficial to both my role and my professional development. Participating allowed myself and other students to learn skills which were essential to our roles and which helped to develop key inter-personal skills.”

Denisa Mihalute, Accounting and Finance Work Placement with Grant Thornton

Get Confirmation That You’re Following the Right Career Path

Denisa found applying what she studied in her Accounting and Finance classes to real-life situations at Grant Thornton to be interesting. As she got more involved in her role, it made her realise that she sees a future in the industry. When she finishes her studies, she plans to return to her work placement employer to begin working towards her Chartered Accountants Qualification which she will have gained exam exemptions from as part of her degree at NCI.

Pathway to Graduate Employment

One of the most exciting elements of taking part in work placement is that it opens up the possibility of returning to that company after the final year of studies. This means students have the security of knowing their next steps and can think ahead to developing an exceptional career in the industry they wish to work in.

Build Your Confidence in Applying for Roles

Each step in the recruitment process can be challenging. However, the support students receive from NCI’s Careers Team is outstanding. Taking part in activities such as mock interviews and CV workshops will help students feel that they are in the best possible position to succeed.

Caoimhe - Work Placement Student“I had many doubts and started to feel discouraged but the Careers Team made me feel hopeful and helped me build back my confidence so that by the time I applied for work placement opportunities, I knew I was ready.”

Caoimhe Kinsella, HRM Work Placement with Davy Group

Learn Important Lessons About Yourself

Upon reflection, Caoimhe realised that she learned many lessons during her work placement with Davy Group including understanding her limits and when to ask your team for help. Not only will students gain hands-on experience with tasks, but they also gain life experience that can teach them something that could become a core building block in their future career.

Broaden Your Skillset Across Multiple Areas

As the aim of work placement is to gain experience in a corporate setting and to form a greater understanding of industry, many companies enrol students in training and development courses to help build skills across a number of areas. This will expand their learning and ensure that they come away with a well-rounded experience before they even finish their degree at NCI.

Opportunity to Travel and Live Abroad

One major benefit of our IFSC location is that our campus is surrounded by both small Irish businesses and multinational companies who have European Headquarters on our doorstep. As a result, our Careers Team has strong relationships with industry meaning many students are placed with organisations close to NCI or in Dublin city centre. However, should you wish to gain experience further afield, this can be explored, as Andrew discovered.

Andrew - Work Placement Story“I was delighted when I got an offer to work in the PwC UK office in Edinburgh for my work placement. I hope to return there to work towards becoming a Chartered Accountant and see what doors that opens.”

Andrew Conlon, Business Work Placement with PwC UK

Social and Other Aspects of Working Life

Having returned to full-time study as a mature student, Chloe Baxter decided NCI was the place for her as she had heard about the College’s reputation for excellence in human resource management education. She was delighted to accept an offer to complete her work placement with Microsoft as a HR Business Partner, working across many areas and seeing organisational change come into effect.

One thing that stood out to her during that busy time was how her team checked in with each other on a regular basis, showing the personal side of working life. Chloe also had the opportunity to be involved in intern initiatives which helped her network and connect with people in the business.

Chloe - Work Placement Student“Not only did it help me in a HR sense but also in developing my personal skills and understanding what my strengths are and the things I can work on for the future.”

Chloe Baxter, Human Resource Management Work Placement with Microsoft

Have Fun!

While work placement is a professional opportunity, it’s a time for personal growth and to experience life outside of the classroom. Students will be pushed out of their comfort zone but overall, the company they join will want them to succeed in their role.

Plus, it’s not all work and learning new skills. Students will have fun by attending social events, meeting new people and engaging in activities such as volunteering or corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Advice for Students Making CAO Choices

Here’s some quick tips from our students for anyone considering their CAO choices:

  • Think about what interests you and what you feel passionate about
  • Reach out to people who are currently studying or working in the field you are interested in to gain some insights
  • It’s okay not to know what you want to study in college, keep in mind that you can always come back as a mature student
  • Make sure to fill in the level 5/6 section of your CAO to give yourself more options
  • Attend college open days to get a feel for college and student life
  • Believe in yourself!

Visit the careers section on the NCI website to learn more about taking part in work placement opportunities available to students who choose to study with us.

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