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Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile - How to Get That Dream Job

Posted by Gerard McQuillan on 08 July 2016


LinkedIn is home to over 17 million users and is a hub for both recruiters and job seekers alike. Though with figures like that, the old saying of “a small fish in a big pond" comes to mind. No need to worry: National College of Ireland has your back, with a host of ways to help you stand out from the crowd and outshine all those other fish. 

1. Complete your profile

A fully completed, up to date LinkedIn profile is essential when looking for that dream job. Not only will it increase your search ranking but it will also show potential employers that you’re serious about your career. Use the experience section to give an overview of each company you worked for, and how you contributed to their success. Remember also to include any board or voluntary positions. For the qualifications section, add context to the titles. Explain how each accreditation or qualification you have achieved has and will benefit your professional life. 

2. Search Engine Optimisation

With all good websites SEO is key, and your LinkedIn page is no different. Research other professionals in your industry and look through job postings that appeal to you. Take note of the keywords that stand out and ensure you include these throughout your own profile. This will vastly increase your chances of being found by recruiters and industry peers, who use keywords to search LinkedIn for candidates. 

3. Get Recommendations

Recommendations on LinkedIn are a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal. Having other professionals endorse you will add credibility to your profile and can really set you apart. It’s not that difficult to do, either: just ask your counterparts, colleagues or manager to write a recommendation for you. We suggest you ask when you’ve aced your latest assignment or helped someone out with a task.

4. Connect with other professionals

LinkedIn is essentially a social network for professionals. Bear that in mind and connect with as many colleagues, industry peers, and influencers as possible. Get involved in industry relevant groups and discussions and interact with others. This will allow you to build a network and presence which in turn will get you noticed by people in your industry

5. Visibility settings

Did you know that every time you view someone’s profile, LinkedIn sends that person a notification?Checking out someone's profile 10 times in the one week can look a bit… well… creepy, so consider changing your visibility settings if you plan on researching your potential employer. 

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