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30% Club Scholarship: Soumya's Student Story & Helpful Advice

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 07 March 2024

30% Club Scholarship Student Story - Soumya Mohanan

Currently studying the MSc in Cloud Computing, Soumya Mohanan, received the 30% Club Scholarship which provided a fully-funded place on this programme at National College of Ireland.

Relaunching on 8th March 2024 to coincide with International Women's Day, the 30% Scholarship will now be offered to two female candidates for postgraduate study; one for the School of Business and one for the School of Computing. Learn more about this fantastic opportunity at the end of this blog post but for now, hear from Soumya as she shares insights into her studies, how she has benefitted from this scholarship and her advice to other women considering gaining a qualification in this field.

Can you share a little bit about your career and education background?

I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Kerala, India. Following my graduation, I joined Tata Consultancy Services as a Software Engineer. During my time there, I worked on a project for a prominent US retail giant, specifically focusing on their website as a DevOps Engineer. This experience exposed me to the realm of cloud technologies and its vast possibilities, as I was actively involved in managing the cloud infrastructure for the project. I discovered how cloud technologies empower businesses, offering scalability and innovative solutions.

Why did you choose to study the MSc in Cloud Computing at NCI?

While working as a DevOps engineer , I realised the importance of upskilling and felt that there is much more for me to learn in this field. Nothing else counts, in my opinion, but your expertise in your subjects matters. Training is a need, and you must be willing to upskill. With prior experience in managing cloud infrastructure, I had a clear direction on what to pursue and study.

The MSc in Cloud Computing at NCI aligned perfectly with my aspirations. The specific subjects included in the course, such as Cloud Platform Programming, Cloud Architecture, and Scalable Cloud Programming, greatly appealed to me. I recognised the practical relevance of these subjects for my career growth. The prospect of gaining hands-on knowledge in these areas was a key factor in my decision to pursue the course at NCI.

Additionally, the library facilities played a significant role in attracting me. The availability of diverse resources and a comfortable study environment indicated a strong commitment to academic excellence. Access to a well-equipped library further affirmed that NCI prioritises providing comprehensive learning support, making it an ideal place for me to further my education in cloud computing.

Tell us about your experience on the course to date.

IMG_20231101_142905The MSc in Cloud Computing at NCI is well structured and meets the current industry standards. The course isn't simple; it has many challenges. But, there are plenty of resources and supports available. For example, there are technical bootcamps to get you started on the right foot right from the get-go.

This programme demands focus and commitment, as each module comes with tight assignment deadlines and exams. Juggling daily responsibilities alongside the coursework means it is essential to stay on top of tasks, so avoiding procrastination is very important. The professors provide comprehensive materials that serve as valuable guides throughout the course.

The best thing is that all classes take place in a traditional classroom setting, allowing direct interaction with professors for immediate clarification of any doubts. The remarkable library resources further enhance your learning experience, providing extensive support. Additionally, computing support sessions are available to guide you through any challenging aspects of the course, ensuring you never feel lost and have the necessary assistance to succeed.

I must mention that my classmates come from different backgrounds and have diverse experiences and they're always ready to help when you get stuck somewhere on projects. Up until now, studying cloud computing at NCI has been truly worthwhile.

How has the 30% Club Scholarship helped you achieve your goals?

I secured the course I desired, and receiving the 30% Club Scholarship to pursue it was the perfect addition. It was like getting a boost of encouragement, also affirming that I'm on the right path. This fully funded scholarship not only eased the financial burden but also provided a platform for networking and mentorship, enriching my academic journey. This has opened doors to resources and opportunities that enhance my learning journey, from access to cutting-edge technology to participation in relevant workshops.

"With the support of The 30% Club, I can focus wholeheartedly on my studies and research."

The 30% Club’s importance in terms of networking and has proved to be invaluable. Through organised online interactions and events, I've had the opportunity to connect with accomplished professionals, gaining insights and guidance that go beyond the classroom. The scholarship not only supports my academic endeavours but also facilitates a broader engagement with the industry, making my educational journey more fulfilling.

What advice would you give to other women who are considering working and gaining a qualification in this area?

I highly recommend that women with an interest in advancing her skills or knowledge in the field of computer science should consider this opportunity. The pursuit of studying in this domain is truly valuable, and the scholarship opportunities along with the support from fellow women in the field are commendable.

For women thinking about diving into the world of technology and cloud computing, my advice is simple but crucial: work hard and embrace the challenges. If you're considering a career change, especially into a tech field like cloud computing, know that NCI supports students like you. They offer training and bootcamps at the beginning of the course to get you up to speed, so don't let that initial unfamiliarity hold you back.

Remember, success in this field comes as a result of dedication and continuous effort. Be prepared to put in the work, it might be tough at times, but the rewards are worth it. Technology is always evolving, and with determination, you can not only keep up but also thrive. Connect with other women in the field, learn from them, and build a supportive network.

30% Club Scholarship

In partnership with The 30% Club, NCI is proud to offer this scholarship which addresses the under-representation of women in postgraduate STEM education. 

Commencing in September, two female candidates will receive fully funded places on any full- or part-time Master's and postgraduate programmes at NCI. There are 2 scholarships available, one for the School of Business and one for the School of Computing. 

How to Apply:

Application closing date: May 31st 2024.

Soumya Mohanan is currently studying the MSc in Cloud Computing full-time at National College of Ireland. She successfully achieved the 30% Club Scholarship meaning her studies are fully funded.

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