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5 Reasons You Should Attend Our FREE Leaving Cert Revision Sessions

Posted by Conor Sisk on 14 March 2024

NCI Revision Sessions 2024 update

Calling all Leaving Certificate Students! You’ve completed your mocks, you’ve been studying hard, and you are now just a few weeks away from the main event. It can be a nerve-wracking time but just remember, you got this!

For students who feel they are a bit behind where they would like to be in their study plans or would like to gain some extra guidance and expertise ahead of the exams, National College of Ireland is delighted to host our Leaving Certificate Revision Sessions, taking place at our Mayor Square campus during the Easter Mid Term Break. The sessions will take place on:

English (Honours)

  • Tuesday 2nd April: Paper 1 & Paper 2

Maths (Ordinary)

  • Tuesday 2nd April: Number Systems
  • Wednesday 3rd April: Probability
  • Thursday 4th April: Algebra

These represent a fantastic opportunity for Leaving Certificate students to gain an advantage and additional support ahead of the exams.

Please note that students who attend the English Paper 1 & 2 session on Tuesday (which runs at the same time as the Maths: Number Systems session), are still invited to attend the remaining Maths sessions if they wish to do so.

If you’re not sure whether to attend or not, we’ve outlined just a few reasons below why you should join us:

1. Learn from specialist teachers

External experts are brought in for all 4 sessions throughout the week, offering excellent guidance and support throughout. Each specialist will review previous Leaving Cert papers and provide advice on how to tackle their respective section on the paper, as well as offering tips on how best to prepare for the exams

Each teacher will also provide comprehensive notes for students, providing invaluable insights and clarity on these important subjects.

2. Opportunity to ask questions

If there are sections of the English or Maths curriculum that you are confused by or are having difficulty in understanding, these sessions represent an excellent opportunity to ask questions to our specialists and get expert answers!

The revision sessions provide a full breakdown of their respective section on the leaving cert paper, allowing students to gain a complete understanding of what is required for that section. The specialists are on hand throughout the session to assist with any query that students may have, ensuring that you will finish the week with a clearer understanding of the Maths and/or English papers and with an increased level of confidence heading into the exams.

3. Gain an advantage in important subjects

With increased emphasis on grades in Maths and English, this is a great opportunity for students to come in and gain some extra knowledge about these important Leaving Cert subjects.

As part of the entry requirements, most college programmes require students to achieve a minimum of grade O6/H7 in English and Maths, so it is crucial for students to obtain passing grades in these subjects. These revision sessions could make the difference!

For more information regarding entry requirements to NCI’s CAO programmes, please visit our How to Apply section.

4. Experience college campus life

With the sessions being held in NCI’s purpose-built campus in the heart of Dublin’s IFSC, students can get their first potential taste of what college life looks and feels like.

Commuting into Dublin city centre, exploring the campus and attending the revision sessions in our lecture halls will highlight what college life could look like for you in September which is very exciting.

We will be providing additional opportunities to explore our campus, including our brand-new Spencer Dock building, at our upcoming Spring Open Day and Summer Open Day events so be sure to register.

5. It’s free to attend!

Yes, you read that correctly, these revision sessions come at no cost, meaning you can get access to world class teaching and detailed, extensive notes and your main expense for the day will be your train or bus ticket to get to NCI!

Access to education has also been central to National College of Ireland’s mission, therefore we want to ensure that Leaving Cert students are given as much resources as possible to prepare for these important exams. We hope that these revision sessions will help your performance on exam day!

If you are interested in attending these revision sessions, you can sign up on our Leaving Cert Revision Sessions event page. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact our School Liaison Team who will be happy to answer any questions.

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