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CAO Students: Last Minute Tips Before the Change of Mind Closes

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 11 June 2024

CAO Change of Mind Tips

The CAO Change of Mind facility will close at 5pm on Monday 1st July 2024. This facility allows students to change the order of their course choices right up until this deadline, meaning you can explore your study options for a little while longer.

If you felt rushed when making your CAO choices or have since found your dream course, now is the time to use the Change of Mind facility.

NCI Student Ambassador Aoibhe shares some key things to keep in mind in the lead up to the deadline:

Aoibhe CAO Change of Mind TipsWatch this video on Instagram here

1. Follow the Golden Rule

If you decide to make changes to the courses you listed on your CAO, you still need to put them in order of preference. Using the Change of Mind facility means that your previous submission is overwritten.

Be strategic. Put the course you want most at the top then list some realistic options and then courses you are guaranteed to get if you miss out on your top preferences. Most importantly, list the courses you will be most happy to accept at the top.

2. Do More Research

This is your last chance to ask questions before you can select your CAO course choices. Start online and visit college websites to check the minimum entry requirements for CAO courses you are considering. Ask older friends and siblings about their experiences but also get in touch with colleges through email or social media and they will be happy to help answer anything you need to know.

If you haven’t researched NCI previously for example, you may not know that you can apply for our Sports Scholarship which comes with a financial bursary, gym membership and a reduction in the CAO points required. Visit our CAO Hub for more supports you may have missed.

3. Attend College Open Days

CAO Open Day - Students-1A nice way to get answers to any questions you have and get a real feel for college life is to attend an open day. There’s a lot to be said for walking through the doors and experiencing a college for yourself!

Many colleges are hosting events in the run up to the CAO Change of Mind closing. You can attend our Summer Open Day on Saturday 29th June any time between 11am and 1pm to meet our team, chat to students and tour our campus including our new building, Spencer Dock.

4. Make Sure to Complete Both Lists

If you haven’t filled in your Level 6/7 list along with your Level 8 list, now is your chance to do so. This means that you can receive an offer from both lists and choose between the two options.

Choosing a course on your Level 6/7 list can create a pathway to a Level 8 degree. For example, students who complete our Level 6 Higher Certificate in Business (NC103), can potentially gain entry into year two of our Level 8 BA (Honours) in Business degree.

5. One Last Thing!

Don’t forget to check and recheck your CAO application for errors. If you use the Change of Mind facility before the 1st July, you will receive an email confirming your new course choices. You can also log back into your account to review your choices and make sure you are happy with your final preferences.

Some students are not aware that they can change their CAO course order after they submit their application. Make sure you take advantage of this facility while you still can!

Have questions about studying at NCI? Check out our CAO Hub or contact us by sending a message on Instagram or via email. We’re happy to help with any queries you have!

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