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In the Psychologists' Chair - Inside the Mind of a Psychopath

Posted by Emily Ferns on 27 February 2014


NCI launches new event series in association with The Irish Times

They’re the subject of countless page-turners and plot lines but, outside of fiction, psychopaths not only exist but represent a dangerous, though fascinating, sub-section of society.

Visiting lecturer from the University of Huddersfield, Dr. Daniel Boduszek, shone a fascinating light on the characteristics and thinking styles of these individuals, as well as the relationship between psychopathy and various forms of criminal behaviour.

His talk, Inside the Mind of a Psychopath, was the first in a series of free, lunchtime talks by National College of Ireland, in association with the Irish Times. Featuring topics like cyber bullying, childhood development and the mindset for success, these events are intended as taster sessions for the college’s psychology courses.

With 1% of Europeans and 2% of Americans thought to be psychopathic, chances are high that you’ll already have encountered one of these individuals. But how can you tell?

Superficial charm, grandiose self-perception and a constant need for stimulation are just some of the characteristics of a psychopath, said Dr Boduszek, who lectures on Criminal Psychology at Huddersfield. He also highlighted a history of juvenile delinquency, short-term relationships, sexual immorality and being impulsive and irresponsible as being typical character traits.

Read more about NCI’s psychology course BA in Psychology, or check out the further events in this free-to-attend series, which all take place from 1-2pm at NCI’s IFSC campus.


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