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The BA Hons in Psychology at NCI: is it funded under SUSI? All you need to know.

Posted by Gerard McQuillan on 23 August 2016


The BA Hons in Psychology at NCI is a psychology degree that is accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) and an approved course under SUSI’s tuition fees and grant award scheme.

Students applying for funding in the past had to meet the criteria for funding from SUSI to be awarded tuition fees for this programme. The amount of funding awarded will depend on where the student’s household income falls in regards to the thresholds set out by SUSI. (*The grant system is reviewed on an annual basis and students looking to enroll for the academic year 2018/19 are advised to contact SUSI directly to insure funding is available for this programme)

As it currently stands where the basic reckonable income cut-off is €45,790, applicants to the course will receive 100% tuition fees. However, where the basic reckonable income cut-off is €49,840 (as set out in Schedule 4 of the Student Grant Scheme 2015), students will only receive 50% fees and will have to fund the outstanding balance themselves. (*Confirmation on courses that fall under the FFI will be available from January 2018). Visit the BA (Honours) in Psychology course page for further information.

With regards to the maintenance grant, applicants may be eligible for 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% or none of the grant depending on where their household income falls within the range of thresholds.

Further details regarding funding for tuition fees can be found on the SUSI website and those who are still not sure as to whether they are eligible for tuition fees should contact SUSI directly.

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