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Meet The Makers: The Minds Behind the Businesses

Posted by Kate O'Brien on 25 April 2024

Marketing Practice Showcase NCI 2024

National College of Ireland’s campus has been buzzing with activity as the Final Year Marketing Practice students have been busy showcasing their Capstone Project businesses. The excitement continues on May 25th and 26th 2024, at the Shopify Pop-Up Event in the Swords Pavilions Shopping Centre.

An amazing day was had on Tuesday, April 23rd, as 22 feature products were on display. The students should be extremely proud of their innovative work. Our students are looking forward to experiencing what engaging with the public is like. They will answer questions, provide product info, promote their brands, and hopefully make a few sales!

Why Pop Into this Pop-Up? What Will Be on Offer?

At this Shopify Pop-Up Event, the public will have the opportunity to learn and ask questions about the broad range of exciting and dynamic courses that NCI has to offer. They will also see some of the brilliant businesses that our marketing practice students have developed. From wellness to fitness, from self-care to raising awareness, here is a sneak peek at the fantastic products that will be on display at Swords Pavilions. 

Silent Signs

A beautiful jewelry line that celebrates sign language was founded by Ruairi Power and Matthew Daly. Each piece is crafted with passion and precision. Wearers are encouraged to embrace the cause and celebrate the power of a silent gesture and non-verbal communication. 

Ruairi and Matthew are committed to fostering an environment that values diversity, inclusion, and raising awareness. Every Silent Signs purchase contributes to sign language education and awareness. 

Follow @silentsignsstoree on Instagram and make sure to pop into the Pop-Up if you’d like to see this brand in action! 


A sports sock manufacturing brand founded by Sean Kelly and Rory McGuinness aims to elevate the gym experience. By providing specially designed, premium grip sports socks, Pro-Step is committed to helping customers enhance their personal growth, one small step at a time.

Safety, comfort, and giving people the materials needed to improve their athletic abilities are the core concerns of Pro-Step.

Follow @prostephub on Instagram and come along to the Pop-Up if you’d like to ask questions and get some answers and insights into this new brand.

Síoda & Co 

A haircare business founded by Olivia Fearon, Katie Guyatt Thompson, and Ava D’Arcy, aims to make people feel their best by providing the highest quality silk haircare materials. Made from 100% Mulberry silk, these easy-to-use hair tools will help users improve and maintain the quality of their hair. 

The magic of these products can be found in the silk. Due to its antimicrobial properties, silk protects hair from excessive breakage, from UV rays, and it helps hair maintain the natural oils and moisture that it produces. We all like to feel good about ourselves and a good hair day can be just what we need. 

The official Síoda & Co website and social pages will be launching soon, and then you’ll be able to follow along for all updates about these beautiful products. 

Take a closer look at Síoda & Co's products on TikTok. 

Pearle Candles

This candle company created by Aoife Robertson, Laura Clarke, and Shauna Lindsay will change the way you light candles forevermore. The candle-wax sand allows you to get creative! Light a candle in a cocktail glass, refill an old candle that has been sitting empty for months. 

Pearle Candles have elevated safety and sustainability because the self-extinguishable candles that burn out instantly if they got tipped over can be reused again and again. 

Learn more about Peale Candles by visiting their TikTok.

The Slick Rick Shop

Created by Jack Fitzpatrick, The Slick Rick Shop seeks to be the one-stop-shop for all men’s grooming needs. Jack emphasizes how looking and feeling our best can boost our confidence in many ways, enabling us to go out and face whatever the day may throw at us.

The Slick Rick Shop focuses on looking our best, while maintaining the highest levels of empathy, compassion and care. The products are homemade and cruelty free, so you can look your best while doing your best too. 

You can browse the products before seeing them in person in the Swords Pavilions by visiting The Slick Rick Shop website.

Glow and Grow Candles 

This mindfulness-focused brand was created by Ava Taylor and Charlotte Connaughton. Glow and Grow Candles will bring peace and inspiration to any space in the home or office. These 100% natural candles will fill your home with soft, soothing scents, allowing you to relax and unwind. 

These candles are made from biodegradable coconut soy wax and the packaging is reusable, so you can enjoy the positive vibes knowing that you’re making a small positive contribution to tackling climate issues, all from the comfort of your own home. 

You can follow Glow and Grow Candles on Instagram. 

Shop The Products in Swords 

These six teams are just an impressive snapshot from the wide range of businesses that were created by this year’s marketing practice students. If you are interested in meeting these companies and to learn more about the marketing practice programme, be sure to #POPINTOTHISPOP-UP!   

Where: Swords Pavilions Shopping Centre. Get Directions 
When: Saturday and Sunday, May 25th and 26th, 2024! 

The BA (Honours) in Marketing Practice programme is an impressive 3-year course, designed to give students a practical learning experience where they will develop tangible skills that they will go on to utilize in the workplace. For further information, please visit the the BA (Honours) in Marketing Practice course page.


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