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10 Ways Returning to Education Can Advance Your Career

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 31 July 2020


Making the decision to return to education is an important one that will have a significant impact on your life. It’s a considerable commitment, particularly if you choose to study part-time in the evening while working during the day, but the sacrifices you make while studying will be rewarded in the long-term when you reach your career goals.

Along with progressing your career, continuing your studies and understanding the value of lifelong learning comes with a great number of benefits that can contribute to your personal wealth (and we don’t just mean in terms of your salary!).

Here are some reasons why returning to college may be a good choice for you:

1. Gain a Competitive Edge

Studying part-time in the evening along with working full-time during the day can demonstrate that you are a hard worker with ambition and that you have a strong work ethic. Whether you’re applying for a new role or seeking to move up in your current organisation, committing to a postgraduate degree sends a positive message to employers.

2. Build Your Professional Network

Don’t underestimate the power of building your professional network. These relationships can help you access job opportunities, grow your knowledge, provide a broad perspective and ultimately, enhance your career. At NCI, we pride ourselves on bringing students from different backgrounds together to create a rich, varied and interesting learning community.

3. Make a Career Change

While many people return to education to continue their studies in their current field of work, some wish to pursue a new area of interest or a growing sector which offers an abundance of career prospects. For example, our Springboard+ courses in computing offer conversion options for applicants who don’t have a technical background but understand the value of these qualifications.

4. Earn a Better Salary

According to the most recent Graduate Outcomes Survey carried out by the Higher Education Authority, the majority of postgrad graduates earn between €35,000 and €79,999 within the first nine months of graduation. There’s a definite boost in salary once you have this qualification under your belt while your job prospects also improve.

5. Upgrade Your Knowledge

One of the main benefits of returning to education is updating your knowledge and developing expertise. Your learning experience will involve analysing new developments and trends with the support of your lecturers to become a ‘master’ in your field. You will build your skillset and enhance your critical thinking ability; a valuable soft skill that will prove useful throughout your career.

6. Improve Job Security

Building on your education will lead to you becoming a better candidate in the jobs market and will allow you to take back control of your career. This is particularly true if you are undertaking an undergraduate degree such as our part-time BA (Honours) in Business Management. This degree is ideal for mature students who want to move into a business role or re-enter the workforce.

7. Personal Development

There are many elements that can build your confidence and enhance your quality of life when you join a course. For instance, overcoming challenges such as presenting to the class for the first time (if this is a worry for you) can raise your self-esteem. Working towards your career goals by studying in an area that complements your interests and talents will drive your personal development.

8. Informed Decision-Making

Spending time in the classroom at postgraduate level will give you a higher level of knowledge that can be beneficial to your career in a variety of ways. The expertise that you will gain from your studies will help you make strategic, informed decisions that are backed up by theory. The combination of these factors will ensure that you step into the boardroom with confidence.

9. New Career Opportunities

Progressing your education by studying a postgraduate degree part-time is an effective way to advance your career as it opens you up to a range of career options. For example, an MSc in Management graduate can apply for middle to top management positions, depending on their experience, or transition to a higher role within their current organisation.

10. Apply Your New Knowledge

One of the reasons why someone chooses to return to education is due to the gap in their knowledge or the lack of a defined career path. Once you start your classes, you will be surprised at how much theory you learn that you will be able to apply to your current role and your working life. The integration of your new learnings may even be recognised and rewarded by your superiors.

If you’re considering returning to education to study at either undergraduate or postgraduate level, register to attend an Online Open Evening where you can join our live Q&A to chat directly to our lecturers and our Admissions Team to help you choose the right course for you.

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