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    MBAs in Dublin: Why Choose National College of Ireland?

    | Emma Henderson |


    Michael Lee studied the MBA at National College of Ireland

    An excellent question, and one we put to students, employers and lecturers on our course. Here are some of the things they told us.

    “I really enjoyed the interaction within the class” 

    “The lecturers and guest speakers were fantastic” 

    “I found the content was really rich…it was partly academic but very practical at the same time and immediately transferrable into my workplace ”

    “The MBA at NCI has really broadened my horizons and enhanced my employability” 

    “I would encourage my staff to take the MBA at NCI”

    “The numbers in the classes really suited me” 

    “The lecturers came from a broad range of disciplines, they were really accessible and very skilled on the topics they were teaching on” 

    “I found when I was speaking to people in relation to my career about National College of Ireland and the MBA, that both those names were synonymous with really high standards and they were very recognisable. Using both those names really opened doors for me in terms of my career change.”

    Check out the course information for more, read our Frequently Asked Questions about the MBA at NCI or come to our "Taste of an MBA" event on Thursday 11th April at our Dublin city centre campus.  

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    MBAs in Dublin: Why Choose National College of Ireland?