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Advice From A Lecturer To His Younger Self - That You Might Learn From, Too!

Posted by Emma Henderson on 13 September 2014

NCI Lecturer in Computing, Dr Eugene O’Loughlin, has some advice for his younger self as he starts his college journey.


NCI Lecturer, Dr Eugene O’Loughlin, from the School of Computing has some advice for his younger self as he starts his college journey.

As the new academic year starts the thought has struck me about what is was like for me back in 1978 when I first went to college. When I walked nervously into Trinity on the first day I had no idea what to expect. So – what would my advice to myself be?

They say that going to college will be the best days of your life - so get ready! College is everything that you have heard about and more. There are two main things that you will do while in college - study, and live.

First - the study bit. Go to your classes, and keep up with your labs and tutorials. Don't be afraid to ask the lecturers and tutors a question or get them to help you. Some subjects you will like, but others will be less attractive and may be confusing to you. Don't just assume that it will all make sense later - you need to work it out.

Take notes, and learn to get good at it. The best thing to do is write down everything the lecturer says - and I mean everything. Nowadays lecture notes are posted on-line. Print them out before class and take more notes.

Secondly - you will live! Freshers Week is exciting, and all the clubs and societies will be begging you to join. This is the best way I know for a first year to get involved in college. So have a good look at all the stalls and make an effort to participate.

The biggest thing that you must overcome is the thoughts that will go through your mind. You will think that everybody is having a better time than you, they are not! You will think that your subject is easy – it is not. You will think that you don't have to do much work throughout the year - this is not so. You will think that nobody else is doing any work, so why should you? You will think that all your classmates are going to parties every night - they are not.

Get the study and living balance right, and make the best of “the best days of your life”!

Read more by Eugene on his blog or check out his YouTube Channel!

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