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Boost Your Digital Skills at Learn Inbound on April 20th

Posted by Emma Henderson on 31 March 2016



NCI's Certificate in Digital Marketing is delighted to support Learn Inbound, a series of great events aimed at the digital marketing community. The next event is on 20th April at 6pm in The Academy, Dublin – keep reading if you fancy a 20% discount to attend!

Marketing is changing to meet the needs of users just like you. Inbound marketing shifts the focus from talking at people to a point where they simply tune out, to providing people with something that they genuinely value and enjoy. It focuses on providing solutions to problems, saving time or money and causing them to have a positive emotional reaction. When done effectively, it converts people to become loyal customers who see your brand as one that can help solve their problems.

Learn how SEO, blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis and reporting come together to form a modern inbound marketing strategy at the next Learn Inbound event in Dublin.

Three of the world’s leading inbound marketers will be sharing the latest tools, tactics and strategies in SEO and Conversion Optimisation: Oli Gardner of Unbounce, Marcus Tandler of and Bridget Randolph of Distilled.

To avail of a 20% discount on the cost of a ticket, just enter the code “NCIRL” when placing your order. Book your ticket now or watch Denise's story of studying digital marketing at National College of Ireland. 

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