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A Team of Fennos: A reflection on Eoin Fennessy (1983 to 2016) by NCI Lecturer, Desmond Gibney

Posted by Desmond Gibney on 03 October 2016
When anyone asks me how I knew Eoin Fennessy, I usually say that we were in college together. That answer is technically true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. I first met Eoin in September 2003 among a group of students in my first-ever class when I started lecturing in National College of Ireland. Eoin was a brilliant student and deservedly won the special achievement award and the student of the year award at his graduation in 2004. I wouldn’t normally quote from a chant popularised by fans of Liverpool Football Club, being of a different allegiance myself. But there is a chant titled “We all dream of a team of Carraghers”, in tribute to Jamie Carragher. And in an Irish football context there is the chant of “A Team of Gary Breens”. Many times during my lecturing career in NCI, I wished I had a class full of Eoin Fennessys! “A Team of Fennos”!
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