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CAO Choices: Trying To Decide Between A Computing/Business Course?

Posted by Emma Henderson on 02 March 2015

The CAO Change Your Mind facility opens again on May 5th and, until July 1st , school leavers can make changes to their CAO application as many times as they would like.

More than half of CAO applicants in 2014 used the facility to change their choice of course with the main trends being ‘a rise in demand for business, computing and engineering courses”, according to this Irish Independent article.

That supports the trend we’ve seen at National College of Ireland where demand continues to increase for our courses in computing and business.


NCI graduate Darren O’Neill was interested in both areas – so he opted to study the BA (Honours) in Technology Management. He originally studied the two-year Higher Certificate in Computer Applications & Support, before progressing on to the degree.

This four-year, level 8 course gives graduates a solid understanding of both business and computing, and how they work together. Graduates who understand the world of technology and also the world of business are always in demand. The course allows you to specialise in either data analytics or social media in your final year of study, and includes a full semester of work experience.

Darren is now a Senior Technical Specialist in Server Management and credits the course for helping him to secure his current role.

“It definitely helps if you can understand the business requirements and then build a system based around that…you need to look at the business process and see how technology can assist that process”, he said.

Prefer a straight-up computing course? Check out NCI’s BSc Hons in Computing, a four-year level 8 programme that will give you programming and advanced problem-solving skills, to create software applications that solve real world problems. Or if business is more your bag, NCI’s BA Honours in Business is a flexible, broad-based business degree that will open you up to a wide variety of career paths.

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