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6 Steps for parents to boost their child's learning

Posted by Emma Henderson on 22 April 2015


Dr Josephine Bleach, director of the Early Learning Initiative at National College of Ireland says parents can help to improve a child's academic performance by taking the following simple steps :

  1. Read books to a child from a very young age
  2. Don't just read the story. Talk about the pictures, ask questions and even sing songs.
  3. Use props such as clothes pegs to show how sums works. For example, if you have five clothes pegs, show what happens when you take away two.
  4. Play word games when you are driving or out and about
  5. Don't tell a child to do something without explaining why. Talk through the experience with them. If the child has to get off their bike to cross the road, explain the issue of safety.
  6. If your child is having difficulty doing their homework get in touch with the teacher.

These tips first appeared in this Irish Independent article by Kim Bielenberg on the work of the Early Learning Initiative.  For more parenting tips, check out this post on the fun, family weekend activities that will help your kids to learn.

Pictured: Participants of the Zoom Ahead with Books project at National College of Ireland.

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