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How Postgraduate Education can Boost Your Career  

Posted by Conor Sisk on 24 May 2023

How Postgraduate Education can Boost Your Career  

Whether you recently completed your undergraduate studies or are mid-career and possess several years of working experience, returning to education and starting a postgraduate degree can be an excellent way to enhance your career, refine your skillset and give you a competitive edge in a busy jobs market.

While pursuing a postgraduate degree requires time, effort, and financial investment, the long-term benefits it can bring to your career make it a worthwhile endeavour for any professional looking for career growth and advancement. We’ve compiled just a few reasons how a postgraduate programme can boost your career, check them out below!

Become A Master In Your Field

For graduates with broader degrees, such as general business or computing, a postgraduate qualification is an excellent way to sharpen the focus of their career interests and skills, becoming a true master of a particular area and becoming a highly attractive candidate to potential employers.

Similarly, individuals with several years of professional experience may have discovered a subject area of interest to them whilst in the workforce and want to return to education to learn theories and strategies in this area to complement their work experience, allowing them to bring further value to their organisation.

For example, if you studied computing or business in college or work in these areas now, you might be interested in specialising in a particular stream of these topics. At NCI, we offer several specialised courses in computing and business, including:

If you are interested in learning more about the options at National College of Ireland, then check out our Computing Courses and Business Courses.

Strengthen Your CV

If you are looking to switch careers, holding a postgraduate degree can enhance your professional credibility and reputation and help your CV stand out from the competition. Employers and companies will often view professionals with postgraduate degrees as experts in their respective fields. This recognition can lead to increased trust and greater responsibilities, opportunities for promotion, or even invitations to be a guest speaker at lectures, conferences or workshops. All these new skills and opportunities can then be added to your CV, enhancing your professional profile, and boosting your overall career prospects.

Improved Research and Analytical Skills

Postgraduate programmes develop key skills required for the modern workplace, including research and critical thinking skills. Whether it’s conducting research projects, writing dissertations, experiencing work placements, or engaging in practical coursework, postgraduate programmes can help individuals develop strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. These skills are highly valued by employers, as they demonstrate your capacity to collect and evaluate information and make informed decisions to benefit the business.

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