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Dyslexia Awareness Week: Brian's Student Story

Posted by Andrea Leyden on 09 October 2019
As this week marks Dyslexia Awareness Week, we want to highlight that at NCI, we focus on abilities rather than difficulties which students with dyslexia may experience.
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Channelling children's natural curiosity to STEM

Posted by Dr Meghan Marrero on 12 November 2018
Dr Meghan Marrero continues her guest blog, this week giving an insight into her work with young children and STEM education. Why STEM for young children?
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Introducing Dr Meghan Marrero

Posted by Dr Meghan Marrero on 20 October 2018
We are delighted to welcome Dr Meghan Marrero to NCI. She has generously agreed to take the time to blog about her work here in Dublin, and we will be sharing regular updates with you on the NCI blog in the coming months.
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TED 2013 Winner Sugata Mitra speaks on The Future of Learning at NCI

Posted by Robert Ward on 12 June 2017
It’s quite fashionable to say the education system is broken.  It’s not broken, it's wonderfully constructed.  It’s just that we don’t need it anymore.  It’s outdated. - Sugata Mitra
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The BA in Adult and Workforce Education at NCI: FAQ

Posted by Emily Ferns on 29 May 2017
There is little doubt that teaching, learning and development in the 21st century is undergoing fundamental and substantial change. Learning is no longer limited to primary or secondary school contexts – there is now a growing need for professional educators to meet the needs of lifelong learners in workplace, community, voluntary or other educational settings.
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Guide for Adult Learners: Balancing Learning and Life.

Posted by Emma Henderson on 06 May 2016
People who are considering a return to education come from a wide range of backgrounds, and have a variety of motivations and desires – improving their skills, advancing their career, returning to the workforce, learning for learning’s sake – but they all have one thing in common: the challenge of fitting learning into their already busy lives and schedules. 
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Ready to Learn: Where Could A Cup of Tea Take You?

Posted by Emma Henderson on 23 March 2016
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Designing for Diversity: Learning, Development and Performance in Higher Education

Posted by Emma Henderson on 24 June 2015
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Workforce Learning and Development: Different Learners, Different Styles, Different Approaches

Posted by Emma Henderson on 05 June 2015
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Workforce Learning and Development: Training and Beyond

Posted by Emma Henderson on 27 May 2015
Dr Leo Casey, Director of Learning and Teaching at National College of Ireland. More than ever we need skilled trainers for the future but we also need new specialists with broader skills in workforce learning and development. At National College of Ireland we have developed new and exciting programmes to meet this challenge and to produce new educators for our new economy. (Read about our new BA Honours in Adult and Workforce Education or BA Honours in Early Childhood Education). 
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