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So, you’re starting at National College of Ireland as a new student? #CAO2016

Posted by Emma Henderson on 22 August 2016

Today is always a lovely day on social media as our feeds fill up with happy messages from students who received their first choice offers through the CAO.

(Though if you didn’t get the offer that you wanted, don’t despair! You still have plenty of options.)

For those of you who will be starting at National College of Ireland this September, firstly, welcome! NCI is a happy place to be, and we look forward to you joining us.

Make sure you connect with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook- and keep an eye out for our fresher competition, where we ask you to share your first impressions and experiences with the hashtag #MyNCI.

We have loads of helpful resources and information for new students, so we’ve put them all together in one, easy to access post.  Here is a selection of tips and advice that you might find useful to read up on before you start - just click through from the list below:

We have some helpful resources on our YouTube channel, too, such as this one, on the Services and Facilities at National College of Ireland.


We’ve created a YouTube playlist for new students here.

Happy reading/viewing, enjoy the rest of your summer and we'll see you at orientation! 

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