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Channelling children's natural curiosity to STEM

Posted by Dr Meghan Marrero on 12 November 2018
Dr Meghan Marrero continues her guest blog, this week giving an insight into her work with young children and STEM education. Why STEM for young children?
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Introducing Dr Meghan Marrero

Posted by Dr Meghan Marrero on 20 October 2018
We are delighted to welcome Dr Meghan Marrero to NCI. She has generously agreed to take the time to blog about her work here in Dublin.
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Continuous Professional Development: Why do it?

Posted by Emma Henderson on 08 September 2015
Sinead Matson, course leader for NCI's new BA Hons in Early Childhood Education, talks about the benefits of Continuous Professional Development.
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NCI Launch Two New Courses to Emphasise 21st Century ‘Human Skills’

Posted by Emma Henderson on 09 July 2015
Pictured: Course leaders Sinead Matson (left) and Dr. Arlene Egan (right) at the launch of the new BA programmes
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Early Childhood Educators: What Advice Would You Give Your Student Self?

Posted by Emma Henderson on 30 June 2015
Sinead Matson is a specialist in Early Childhood Education, with a particular interest in play. She is also the Course Director for NCI’s new BA Hons in Early Childhood Education, and has a background in Montessori teaching. In advance of the launch of the new BA, she poses the question, “What piece of advice would you give yourself as you started out in your education and training?” I like books. I like books, instructions, policies and procedures. I like to know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it. I like check lists, action lists, task lists. Scrap that… I like lists. Yes I’m “that” person! I cannot tell you the satisfaction I get from checking off a completed task or the comfort of knowing my next step. I do not like the unknown. Not only do I not like it but I’ve been known to let it hold me back.
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