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Job Magnets: A Degree in Computing

Posted by Owen Barnes on 09 March 2015

One of Ireland’s largest industries, the IT and computing market requires a constant flow of highly trained graduates with the necessary skillsets.

A digital skills gap amongst the Irish population is halting employment progress, a 2015 report from the European Commission suggests. For those of you considering a computing course this report, which claims that 42pc of the Irish workforce has little or no digital skills, is revealing. For example, three-quarters of microelectronics employers in Ireland would expand their workforce if the highly skilled engineers required were available. In a recessionary environment, there is a chronic shortage of the human capital.

NCI is lucky to be surrounded by multinational companies that provide the workforce for this hungry industry, and our students are in extremely high demand with big name brands in the immediate area. Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Air BnB, Hubspot, Twitter, Groupon, and UBER are some of many of the companies that are within walking distance of National College of Ireland who are on the hunt for IT graduates.

Technology drives business and the most successful organisations use technology to shape their success. Our college degrees in Technology Management, Computing and Business Information Systems (BIS) from the School of Computing gives individuals the skills to develop technology based solutions for all types of organisations. While NCI’s Higher Certificate in Computing is an ideal starting point to your studies as it offers a clear path into the computing degrees at National College of Ireland and other 3rd level institutions.

These courses cover, in detail, all the core areas of the discipline in addition to modules which will allow you to understand how technology can be used in a myriad of business functions. For example, our courses will expose you to areas like cloud computing, networking and mobile technologies, software systems, gaming and multimedia design, data analytics, web development, software engineering, algorithms, artificial intelligence, business and network security, data communications, multimedia and mobile application development and much more. They prepare you for the real world.

Still don’t believe us? Search 'IT Jobs in Ireland' on Google. There are literally thousands of jobs on offer. Thousands!

NCI’s BA (Hons.) in Technology Management, Computing and Business Information Systems, and our Higher Certificate in Science in Computing Applications & Business Support will give you the ability to solve complex and real world problems.

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Student Success Stories - Priyank Saxanna:

Priyank Saxanna NCI

“I’ve worked long hours – like, 15 hour days before – in National College of Ireland. I’m ready for whatever they put my way. I have NCI’s rigorous course and assessment structure to thank for that.”



Student Success Stories - Javin Lee:

"The course modules are really interesting and relevant and the specializations give you a great opportunity to gain excellent knowledge of a specific area. The college is big enough to hold all the students but small enough that you can get to know everyone. During the year the atmosphere is buzzing."


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