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Will a masters degree give you that competitive edge?

Posted by Emma Henderson on 29 May 2015
In a competitive jobs market, it’s important to give yourself that extra edge over other applicants. And one of the best ways to achieve this is so straightforward: do a masters.
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National College of Ireland urges tech employers to check out its talent!

Posted by Emma Henderson on 22 May 2015
National College of Ireland is issuing an open invitation to tech and ICT companies to come and check out our talent! 
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Amazon to Include NCI in AWS Educate Programme

Posted by Owen Barnes on 19 May 2015
Amazon Web Services has launched AWS Educate, allowing pupils to learn practical cloud computing skills Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a programme to teach school pupils cloud technology skills, called AWS Educate - and NCI is delighted to be involved in this project. The tool has been designed to integrate cloud skills into the curriculum, teaching through hands-on experience with real cloud technology. It is free for schools, teachers and students to apply to join.
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IT Careers Fair at NCI

Posted by Owen Barnes on 05 May 2015
A fortnight ago, NCI held its IT Careers Fair in which Ireland's best companies came to show their wares
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A Day In The Life of A College Lecturer

Posted by Emma Henderson on 05 May 2015
Regular readers of the NCI blog may recognise Dr Eugene O’Loughlin, NCI lecturer, author, Harley-Davidson enthusiast, blogger and YouTube content creator. Several years ago Eugene wrote this blog post about NCI’s first foray into blogging and we've finally taken him up on his suggestion! It’s Wednesday during the final week of the Semester and a busy day lies ahead. As I teach an evening class on Wednesdays I normally do not come into the office until about 11:00am. This gives me some time at home to check personal email and I also write a blog post about the Open Plaques project in the UK that is trying to create a “Museum of the Street”, by recording on-line the commemorative plaques that we see on houses where famous people lived.
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Job Magnets: A Degree in Computing

Posted by Owen Barnes on 09 March 2015
One of Ireland’s largest industries, the IT and computing market requires a constant flow of highly trained graduates with the necessary skillsets.
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Katie Says Farewell to NCI

Posted by Emily Ferns on 10 December 2014
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Cloud Computing: The Internet of Things

Posted by Owen Barnes on 10 November 2014
The Internet of Things is a vision in the minds of some and a growing reality in others From internet-connected coffee cups to cyber-servants, Cloud Computing is changing our lives. Which is why, more than ever, well-versed Cloud Computing professionals are in such demand. That demand can be easily understood – courses such as NCI's MSc in Cloud Computing provide graduates with technical, academic and professional expertise in this growing, ground-breaking field of work.  An important concept in the field of Cloud Computing is the ‘Internet of Things’. You don't have to study Cloud Computing to find this interesting; this stuff isn't just for techies, it impacts on us all. 
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Advice From A Lecturer To His Younger Self - That You Might Learn From, Too!

Posted by Emma Henderson on 13 September 2014
NCI Lecturer in Computing, Dr Eugene O’Loughlin, has some advice for his younger self as he starts his college journey.
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Mobile Technology: The Hottest Tech Jobs This Year?

Posted by Emma Henderson on 28 July 2014
Mobile technology is one of the most rapidly changing and in demand areas of software development today – which makes it a tremendously exciting area in which to study or work.
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