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Deciding to Study Abroad and Choosing Ireland: Jamille's Story

Posted by Owen Barnes on 09 February 2015


There were many factors in Jamille's decision to study abroad, but some stood out more than others. 

“I had been to many other places, many other universities, before choosing to study in Ireland. But when I came to NCI, I knew. I just knew. I knew it was the place for me.” 

In our interview with Jamille, a number of factors clearly influenced her decision to leave Brazil and come to Dublin as an international student. Some of these factors were pragmatic, while some were just human. Either way, we thought detailing these factors would be helpful to Brazilian students - and other international students - who are researching colleges in Ireland and Europe, including those considering our college as part of Science Without Borders.

(1) Family

Jamille had always wanted to study abroad, and luckily her parents supported her in this momentous life decision. As a place to begin, the support of your family network is of primary importance. Financial as well as emotional support are essential constituents for a fruitful year away, so get Mama and Papa on board.

(2) The Right Country

Naturally, the USA, Europe and the UK were Jamille's starting points when she began looking into where she might study. Who wouldn't want to study in Gay Paris, the Big Apple or London Town? If it were not for the intervention of Jamille's parents, she might never have considered Ireland at all. With this in mind, Jamille's advice is simple for Brazilian students: broaden your scope, don't get tunnel vision and have a look at what smaller countries -  like Ireland - have to offer!

(3) A Competitive Price

"NCI beats everyone on price, and that's really why I chose to come here," says Jamille. If you are looking to study abroad, value for money is important and the cost of your course will impact on your decision. So, prospective students, if you can reduce the fee, you'll increase your chances of studying in Europe. It's as simple as that!

(4) The Open Day

"I recommend you to attend the Open Day at NCI, you'll see how friendly everyone is here." Jamille's advice makes absolute sense. You will really get the feel of a college once you have visited and interacted with students and staff. So if you are considering studying in Ireland and can come check out a college in Dublin, NCI should be your first stop - we're a very friendly, committed group of people. Read our top reasons for attending a college open event.

(5) Practicality

"Brazilian degrees have a tendency to be highly theoretical and very long", notes Jamille. She is right - you have to consider the practicalities of study. For Jamile, gaining a globally recognised qualification in a shorter time frame was very valuable - so pick a college and degree that suits you and your needs. 

Are you interested in studying in NCI as an international student? We have plenty of resources that can help you get familiar with our college, NCI. So why not have a read of Akshay's experiences studying in Ireland? Or have a glance at Kelly Suenny Martins' International Student Profile.

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