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From India to NCI to Amazon: Aryan’s Story

Posted by Gerard McQuillan on 17 February 2016
Aryan Bansel is a graduate of the MSc in Cloud Computing at National College of Ireland, currently working at Amazon. Originally from India, Aryan began his studies at NCI in September 2014.
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Exploring Dublin as an International Student: Srini's Story

Posted by Owen Barnes on 30 March 2015
On a clear and sunny day, accompanied by a friend of mine, I visited the Guinness Storehouse at St. James’ Gate and the National Museum of Ireland in Kilmainham.
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Holi at National College of Ireland

Posted by Owen Barnes on 20 March 2015
Staff and students celebrate Holi at National College of Ireland
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A Brazilian Student in Dublin: Kelly's Adventures

Posted by Owen Barnes on 04 March 2015
Brazilian Kelly went to the Gaiety's yearly Panto to see what all the fuss was about For most people, the holidays are a time to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. But for international students studying abroad, like me, it can be a bit sad being in a different country with different people at this time. But it is still possible to be happy as there are many fun things to do and the Irish are so kind and friendly. This is my experience of Christmas in Dublin. 
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An Indian Student In Ireland: Sri's Adventures

Posted by Owen Barnes on 24 February 2015
Sri, from India, decided to stretch the legs and check out Ireland's stunning natural landscape. On a recent sunny winter’s day, I decided to take a well-deserved break during my time studying in Ireland. From Dublin it is so easy to explore the rest of Ireland - as well as the rest of Europe! I took the opportunity to experience the Irish Wicklow Mountains and their famous natural landscape. Located about 50kms from Dublin, Wicklow is full of beauty, history and cultural heritage.   Wicklow is known as the ‘Hollywood of Europe’; many famous movies, including ‘Braveheart’, ‘P.S. I Love You’, ‘Excalibur’ and the ‘Vikings’ television series have been shot here. The tour guide also mentioned that Michael Jackson had spent about six months of his last years here at Wicklow as part of his therapy. You learn something new every day while studying abroad!
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Chinese New Year at National College of Ireland

Posted by Owen Barnes on 19 February 2015
Out with the year of the horse, in with the sheep. 
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Student Success Stories: Priyank Saxenna

Posted by Owen Barnes on 13 February 2015
One thing remains clear from this interview: NCI prepared Priyank to succeed in the professional world Senior MIS Analyst in Western Union is Priyank Saxenna's new job title. While his role is challenging and requires long hours, this NCI graduate is unafraid of what the future within this prestigious multi-national company holds.
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Deciding to Study Abroad and Choosing Ireland: Jamille's Story

Posted by Owen Barnes on 09 February 2015
There were many factors in Jamille's decision to study abroad, but some stood out more than others.  “I had been to many other places, many other universities, before choosing to study in Ireland. But when I came to NCI, I knew. I just knew. I knew it was the place for me.”  In our interview with Jamille, a number of factors clearly influenced her decision to leave Brazil and come to Dublin as an international student. Some of these factors were pragmatic, while some were just human. Either way, we thought detailing these factors would be helpful to Brazilian students - and other international students - who are researching colleges in Ireland and Europe, including those considering our college as part of Science Without Borders.
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Exploring Ireland as an International Student: Kun's Night Out

Posted by Owen Barnes on 04 February 2015
Kun Qion, from China, tells us of her experiences at the infamous Childline Concert in Dublin's 3Arena. One of the reasons why I chose Ireland as my destination for studying in Europe is that a large proportion of my favourite music artists are actually Irish – Jedward, The Corrs, Westlife, Boyzone and, of course, Bono. As one of their biggest fans, I have been busy keeping up to date with their news by watching videos of interviews and performances.
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The Top 5 Student Discounts

Posted by Owen Barnes on 26 January 2015
If you like bargain baseball boots, bus tickets and burritos, then read this article. We all like discounts, don’t we? I think that it's a given: a student’s almost insatiable desire to save money and get value for their money - we're bargain hunters. And it makes sense, we’re not earning the big bucks just yet and studying in Europe can be expensive.
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